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Getting out of debt can be a complicated, difficult, and frustrating process if you try to do it alone.
If you work with us, we will be there to guide and help you each step of the way on your journey to becoming debt-free. We are a partner you can trust!

How Our Program Works


Step one

We analyze your debt

Everyone who is in debt has a unique situation. Some people have zero mortgage debt, but have a large amount of credit card debt. Some have a large amount of student loan debt, and a small amount of credit card debt, etc. Your custom debt relief plan that we create for you will depend heavily on the unique debt situation that you are in. The first step of the debt relief process is for one of our professionals to discuss your debt situation with you so that we can fully understand the levels and types of debt that you are dealing with. During this discussion, you will explain to us how much debt you have, what your monthly payments are, what your interest rates are, and all of your other obligations.


Step two

We check the benefits that we can offer you

Once we have a full understanding of the exact debt situation that you are in, our professionals will get to work analyzing all of the benefits and services that we can offer you. These benefits and services can range from credit counseling to debt settlement to debt consolidation. Our professionals will comb through every single benefit and service that our company offers in order to find the ones that will give you the maximum benefit.


Step three

Know and choose a customized plan to suit you

After our professionals have evaluated all of the potential benefits and services that we can offer you, they will start crafting a customized debt relief plan for you. This plan may include different debt relief options such as debt settlement or debt consolidation. Once the plan is prepared, we will discuss it with you to explain all of the details and how everything will work. At this point, if you have any questions, we would be glad to answer them for you and address anything else that you would like to be addressed. Once we are all on the same page, we will put the plan into action so that you can start getting relief from your debt as soon as possible!


Step four

We have the best debt relief professionals on the market

Getting out of debt is one of the most important things that you can do to improve the quality of your life. Because debt relief is so important, it is crucial to work with debt relief professionals who are extremely skilled at what they do. Working with high-quality debt relief professionals enables you to get the best possible results. Here at One U.S. Financial, all of our debt relief professionals are highly skilled and experienced. We have an excellent track record of success and we look forward to helping you get your debt resolved as soon as possible.

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Staying Out of Debt Guide

If you’re looking for the right solution to your debt problems, look no further. We have helped thousands of people just like you learn how to pay off debt fast, and we can help you too! Our customized plans are the perfect way to find debt relief fast.

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Debt Settlement: The Path to Debt Relief

One quick search of the headlines is likely to reveal that millions of households are struggling with credit card debt. It’s more common than you think it is, and struggling to pay it off can mean getting into a vicious cycle. You may take one step forward only to find yourself several steps back a week later. Is there any hope in sight? Outside of bankruptcy, is there actually anything you can do about your overwhelming debt problems?

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