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We analyze your debt

We will carefully analyze all of your debt, the amount of debt, your interest rates, and all other key information related to your debt. We will obtain a complete picture of your debt situation in order to provide you a custom solution to become debt free.

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Check the benefits we offer you

No upfront fees. We work for you, not for your creditors. After we analyze your debt situation, we will review all of the benefits that we can offer you in order to help you get out of debt as fast as possible. We will select a plan that provides you the maximum amount of debt relief.

icon Know and choose a plan to suit you

Know and choose a plan to suit you

One U.S. Financial specializes in helping consumer who become unable to continue making their monthly payments and are feeling overwhelmed by debt. In our program, a certified debt specialist will review your credit history and make sure to create a customized plan that suits you.



Our debt relief professionals have many years of experience and they are experts at what they do. They know exactly how to negotiate with creditors and to create effective debt relief plans for you. They all have excellent track records for helping people get debt relief as fast as possible. They have changed many peoples’ lives for the better, and they can change yours too!

We Help You Get Relief From

Credit Card Debt Credit Card Debt
Medical Debt Medical Debt
Collections and Repossessions Collections and Repossessions
Personal Loans and Lines of Credit Personal Loans and Lines of Credit
Business Debts Business Debts
Certain Kinds of Student Loan Debt Certain Kinds of Student Loan Debt

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Solutions That Work

Reducing a Bank of America credit card debt from more than

$15,000 to about $3,000

Slashing a Citi credit card debt from

$22,500 to less than $8,000

Lowering a Discover credit card balance from nearly

$11,000 to just $2,000

Quick Guide to COVID Debt Relief

The COVID-19 pandemic has put tens of millions of people around the world into difficult financial situations. As a result, many people have to be significantly more careful about debt and financial decisions than they usually are. Here are some of the top simple debt mistakes that should be avoided during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Staying Out of Debt Guide

If you’re looking for the right solution to your debt problems, look no further. We have helped thousands of people just like you learn how to pay off debt fast, and we can help you too! Our customized plans are the perfect way to find debt relief fast.

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Debt Settlement: The Path to Debt Relief

One quick search of the headlines is likely to reveal that millions of households are struggling with credit card debt. It’s more common than you think it is, and struggling to pay it off can mean getting into a vicious cycle. You may take one step forward only to find yourself several steps back a week later. Is there any hope in sight? Outside of bankruptcy, is there actually anything you can do about your overwhelming debt problems?

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